Name: Guy Xendor
Color eyes: Light Blue
Color Hair/Type: Dark/Light Green, Waved, Shoulder length
Length: 1.92 cm
Body Structure: Athletic, Muscular
Weight: 105 kilo
Age: 21

Short Character Description:
A fierce young prince from the kingdom "Etoria".
Loves to spar, fight Duels and duel in combat.. especially with his his dual axe.
Never gets in to fights he rather don't want to.. and has lost of respect and honor for his kingdom and especially his mother "Gaia".
Follows and lives by the order of his father "Marx Xendor", and daily visits his mother by the holy water.
The chapel is located in the center of the castle and ambraced with light from heaven.
Guy Xendor had a youth of training and honor, with his expertise and skill he is one of teh finest allround hero's in the epic.
Warmonging in large expeditions and battles with his kingdom, he has made many friends as well as foes.
He is not much educated in literature, but has finnished all academies in War School / Alterate School and Espire Paladdin Battle class.
He is now the strongest in his empire…
And as always guided by the light, he is just like his father.
Conquest for blood and honor.