Welcome to the VIPER EARTH 2002 "Photoshop Tutorial",I will give an short introduction first, then we get in on with the killing.
First of all .. just try to follow all the steps and take your time..don't rush any steps otherwise you'l get screwed any ways.. doing work over again.
Second thing.. you don't need to be an great artist to finnish this tutorial.. if you can find your way around in photoshop everything will be fine.
Well enough of the chit chat let's get it on

Step 1

Get a Black/White picture in Photoshop with the size you like.... I recommend sized up 800 px by 1200 px.

Option 1) Draw the image on paper.. scan it over to photoshop.. and use brightness/contrast option under the Image>Adjust menu in photoshop.
Sharpen and brighten the image up untill it looks just fine..

*If the image isn't sharp enough alter it.. using the black brush on a opacity of 25% to 50% and ofcourse exact line size and alter the lines.. then manually add white where it's belong to be.

Option 2) Draw the image in Photoshop.. I suggest a Drawing Tablet for this.. but for the Tough Mouse fanatics.. Like was that should be no problem I guess.


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